Kalewadi, Pune


About St. Alphonsa

St. Alphonsa was born on 19th August 1910 at Kudamaloor in Kerala. In her childhood itself she was inspired by the life and spirituality of St. Theresa of Liseux and desired to become an nun. Being exceptionally charming she had to brush aside many proposals of marriage before her joining the Clarist convent at bharananganam in Kerala. Cherishing in her heart a deep desire to become a saint. She received the habit (nun’s dress) of the congregation in 1930. Then for some time she served in the school at Vakakkadu as teacher. She was very much fond of children and mingled with each and everyone of them imparting the tender love of Jesus. St. Alphonsa was very sweet in her behavior and very much liked by her pupils. Not long after a series of diseases like Hemorrhage, Typhoid, Ulcer, malaria, Insomnia, Loss of appetite and mental disturbances crushed her. Out of His crucible of suffering, bloomed the passion flower St. Alphonsa. Even in her worst agony, she prayed for more suffering. She offered her suffering to the Divine Master for the Spiritual renewal of the world. Her suffering was saintly and heroic. After years of prolonged sacrifice, she was called for eternal rest on 28th July 1946. It did not make any news. Her love towards children continued even after her death. Children from far and near visited her tomb seeking her intercession. Many miracles did happen. Verified records of a few of them are kept in her convent at Bharananganam in Kerala. The radiance and fragrance of her sanctity soon spread far and near. This paved the way for her beatification by His Holiness Pope John Paul II on 8th February 1986 during his historic visit to India. And finally on 12th Oct. 2008 she was Canonized by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. St. Alphonsa is the patroness of our school. Imbibing her spirit, tender and love towards the children, we try our best to feed our little ones with love, concern and affection. It is our prayer that St. Alphonsa may bless our children to love God and men

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