Rules and Regulations

Rules For Students
  1. Pupiles are not admitted to STD I untill they have completed 5yrs of age.
  2. The school is strict regulated in obedience,courtesy in speech and conduct.
  3. The pupils are responsible to the school authorities not only for thier conduct in the school but also for thier general behaviour outside.
  4. Late comers and absentees from school will not be admitted to class without the Principal’s written permisssion.
  5. Pupils are expected to be in school in time . At the first sound of the bell, all proceed quickly i silence to the assembly or classroom.
  6. The wearing of the school uniform is obligatory.No student will be allowed on the school premises without the prescribed uniform.
  7. Pupils must speak english in the school campus.
  8. If a student continues to be absent for 15 days,without previous written permission of the principal,his/her name will be struck off the roll and re-admission fee will be charged.
  9. Pupil shall not wear any gold or fancy articles such as bangles, earring etc.
  10. The name of the student who does not rejoin school within three days after the commencement of the terms shall be struck off the rolls unless leave has.
  11. The school authorities do not hold themselves responsible for the students loss of money,books,articles of clothing etc .
Rules For Parents
  1. The date of birth of student once entered will not be changed.
  2. The name of a student who does not rejoin school within three days after the commencenment of a term shall be struck off the roll.
  3. No pupils will be admitted without a transfer certificate from the last school attended and in on case shall a scholar be permitted to attend a class pending formal admission.
  4. To meet staff member, parents must take permission of the principal.
  5. Parents are strictly forbidden to intervie their childern or their class permission of the principal.
Admission Details
  • All classes application forms will be given out from the School Office if there are vacancies in the classes.
School Uniform
  • Girls : Blue Striped White Shirt, Navy blue Tunic, Black Shoe, Navy blue Socks, White hair band/ribbon, School belt and tie.
  • Boys : Blue Striped White Shirt, Navy blue Pant , Black Shoe, Navy blue Socks, School belt and tie.
PT Uniform

House Wise PT Uniform

  • Girls I to VIII : White Shirt, House wise Tunic , White socks, White ribbons, White canvas shoes, PT belt.
  • PT Uniform Boys(Primary Section) : White short pant, house-wise t-shirt, White canvas shoes , white socks, P.T.Belt.
  • P.T. Uniform Boys(High school section) : White long pants House Wise t-shirt, White socks,White canvas shoes, P.T.belt.

To make for more effective management and a healthy competition spirit ,the School has been divided into four houses.Each house distinguishes from others by a name & colour as follows.

Each house has its head a house Head girl/boy from the higher class. A teacher is also chossen ,who is assisted by an assistant teacher ,it is their duity to supervise the working of every house impartially and justly. Every house strive towards the same goal the development of the character together with a determination to keep discipline.Teachers in-charge call house meetings once a month to check the progress of the house and plan for inter house competitions. The principal is kept in touch with the happening and inter house results are announced after the competitions. The following duties will be carried out by the house with the help of the teacher concerned.

  • Blue : Check the cleanliness of the ground.
  • Green : Check the neatness of the uniforms, nails,shoes, hair etc.
  • Red : Check the neatness of the classroom.
  • Yellow : Find the children who speak vernacular languages in the school campus.