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Principal Message

My dear Parents & Students,
We envisage our pupils to become intellectually enlightened, morally upright, spiritually oriented, socially committed and develop young men and women to become the agents of social change for a better tomorrow.
The aim is to form you a “NEW AND BETTER PERSON” who foster universal and eternal values by a careful cultivation of mind, heart and body thus making them fully alive as to bring about a just society.
Covid-19 Pandemic has surely altered lives and disrupted normal life across the world. We your parents and teachers are most concerned about your well-being. In this present situation you are requested to stay at home by following every direction that are given by the government, and health department and the local administration from time to time. We understand the challenges faced by you very specially to acquire the academic needs during this pandemic and adapting the present education system; the virtual learning.
Please restrict your movements and social gatherings. During these difficult times, we would like to reaffirm our concern and constant support to each one of you. Please keep in mind, the present situation can deal only with the diligence, attention and caution it deserves.
Our talented and dedicated staff, both teaching and non-teaching, has been showing their care and concern for the students by working hard to prepare notes and take classes online for the benefit of students. I appreciate their concern for the students and commitment to academics.
I congratulate you dear children for your cooperation and hard work and a big hand for all the parents for their continued support.
We believe that it’s the time to not just deal with current emergency, but also build foundations of resilience to face such difficult events in the future.
Let us consider this formidable challenge as an opportunity to learn and must rise to this bravely. We shouldn’t let the pandemic pin us down. We must remain positive and keep our hopes alive as I believe that “Nothing is predestined. The obstacles of our past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings.’
Stay well! Stay positive! Keep smiling!

Sr. Sheeba Augustine
Principal, Alphonsa High School