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100% SSC Result – 2013-2014
  1. Miss Shweta Daryani : 95.20%
  2. Miss Anuvinda Mappat : 94.20%
  3. Miss Tanushree Tripati : 94.00%

The school has once again registered with the British Council for the International School Award. This is an award given to schools which weave international activities and projects along with their school curriculum. Since ours is an SSC school we have undertaken seven international projects for the entire school. Each project involves two activities. The entire school from Nursery to class X is involved in these projects .This project is included in the school curriculum and other curricular activities. The projects completed till this date include

  1. Study of civilizations of different countries of the world.
  2. Nursery Rhymes and Cartoon characters of different countries.
  3. Art and craft of various parts of the world.
  4. Importance of Self defense.
  5. Culture and Cuisine of the world.
  6. Food bought in Tiffin boxes by kids in different countries.

The students are exposed to internationalism and get a global perspective while studying for these projects.