Manager’s Message

manager We are at the beginning of a new academic year, once again. We are at the door of new opportunities and avenues and the door is open to all of us equally. Every new academic year is a call to grabbing the chances and opportunities that we missed last year.
My dear students, as you start this year, remember to start with a vigour – a vigour that will keep you going till the end. A vigour accompanied with an undying spirit will take you a long way. Keep aside all grudges and forget the failures of your previous years. Allow your scars of the old wounds to heal as you set out afresh on this new journey.
Dear students, we are always pushed to be perfect. In our society, perfection is appreciated. We all are taught to strive for perfection. We live in a society where mistakes are not happily accepted and it expects us to be free from errors. The one who makes mistakes is often laughed at or is a   topic of ridicule for many. Flawlessness is what is expected from a human being who aims to be at the top.
As students of this school, I wish to remind you that nobody is perfect. No human being can be perfect. So it is futile to run for perfection. The pressure of society should not weigh you down. We all make mistakes. We all learn from our mistakes. Dear students, never be afraid of making mistakes. Committing a mistake should not stop you from trying. Each time you make a mistake you must learn from it. You become a better person when you learn from failures. In all that you do, do your best! Not attaining perfection, should not be a reason for you, to not giving your best. Any task you undertake, don’t ever leave any stone unturned to accomplish it.
Appreciation is another key element that you must get used to.
Once there was a father and son. They set out to play darts. As they set out, the son told father, “Father, I will keep throwing the darts. You keep saying, ‘very good’.” The son wanted words of encouragement and appreciation from his father.
It is human nature to like to be appreciated. This academic year, let us make a promise to appreciated at least one person in a day. However small the effort may be, learn to appreciate anybody who is trying something. Your appreciation should not be restricted to your friends alone. If your words can make somebody happy, let that be through appreciation. The realisation that we are not perfect will make it easier for us to appreciated each other genuinely.
The need for education has brought you all under one roof. Being under one roof gives you certain privileges and responsibilities as well. As you strive hard for your success, pause for a while and look around to lend a helping hand to your fellow classmates. Knowledge is to be shared. With each passing day, you must transform yourself from a selfish person to a selfless person. We all belong to a big family. Just like we care for our parents and siblings, we must care for our friends here.
As we begin the journey, let us understand that we are nto perfect that we need to appreciate each other for a better world. All the best and God bless you all.
Fr. Francis (Shaju) Kottarathil